Canadian quadriplegic feels pressure for euthanasia

A Canadian man with quadriplegia has explained how he feels pressure towards euthanasia from those providing him with nursing care as they favourably recount stories of other people who have chosen euthanasia without him soliciting information or raising the issue at all.

In an email to Alex Schadenburg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition he said:

I am living in the advanced stages of quadriplegia, now 33 years along. I am feeling the suggestive influence from my nursing care, regarding euthanasia. They use indirect pressure by speaking about other patients who have chosen the path of assisted death, unsolicited from me. I am worried about Canadian laws, so anti-life, and I don't ever want to end my life. I didn't choose when I was born, and I won't choose when I die. Another thing that concerns me is as these evil laws progress against the vulnerable like myself, when will this new found right to die become the duty or obligation to die? I can see it coming...


This is not the first report of untoward pressure on people with disabilities in Canada.

The mother of 25 year old Candice Lewis who has cerebral palsy was pressured by Candice's doctor to request euthanasia for her daughter.

Roger Foley has been offered euthanasia by health care workers instead of the at home care package he was requesting.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Disability Rights has criticised Canada for its implementation of euthanasia without proper regard for the right to life of persons with disability.

All schemes for euthanasia and assisted suicide fail to protect people with disability from the risk of wrongful death.

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  • Eddy Ensing
    commented 2019-07-11 21:33:54 +1000
    I have seen this coming for years, history repeats itself. let us not be slack about resisting the push for euthanasia because it is a slippery slope which is only going to stop when after enduring the horrible slaughter of innocents, people will be sickened enough to demand an end to it.
Australian Care Alliance