License to care not licence to kill needed in WA

The Western Australian End of Life Choices committee has recommended an assisted suicide framework that is much more radical even than the Victorian scheme. Rather than limiting access only to people with terminal illness it is proposed to include chronic and neurodegenerative conditions “where death is reasonably foreseeable as a result of the condition”. In Canada similar phrasing has already been interpreted by the Ontario Supreme Court as applying to a 77 year old woman with osteoarthritis – a non-fatal condition.

Additionally doctors who object to assisted suicide will be forced to refer to a doctor willing to assist suicide.

An outstanding, comprehensive 248 page 
minority report by the Hon Nick Goiran entitled " The Safe Approach to End of Life Choices: License to Care Not Licence to Kill" provides persuasive evidence for the recommendation that:

The Government and the Parliament of Western Australia should rule out introducing any assisted suicide regime”. 

The recent unexpected defeat of the Leyonhjelm Assisted Suicide Bill in the Australian Senate shows that MPs in Australia lean towards supporting assisted suicide laws can change their minds based on clear, reasoned arguments founded in evidence.

Assisted suicide laws cannot be made safe and will always put people at risk of wrongful deaths.


Download Nick Goiran's full minority report here

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