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Submission to WA Ministerial Expert Panel

In a submission to the Ministerial Expert Panel appointed by the WA Minister for Health, Roger Cook, to advise him on "fully informed and workable legislation, to ensure safe and compassionate processes for voluntary assisted dying" the Australian Care Alliance has pointed to eleven categories of wrongful death that any such scheme must address.

Vicki Walsh opposes euthanasia

Vicki Walsh, who has a brain tumour, shudders at the thought of what could happen if euthanasia was made legal in New Zealand and she went to the doctors when having a bad day.

If I was to visit the doctor on one of those bad days and he was to offer me euthanasia as an option… that would be awful. It would be like handing nooses to people at a suicide clinic. It doesn’t make sense to me that we would even contemplate offering this as a medical choice… and quite frankly, I’d be scared stiff to go to any doctor who believed in this.  

Scottish MSPs oppose assisted suicide

In a letter to the Sunday times (UK) a cross party group of nine MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) have cosigned a letter opposing moves to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland.

The last bill that aimed at legalising assisted suicide was defeated in 2015 by a decisive vote of 82 to 36.

The MSPs ask in their letter "Have we really become a society that says the best answer we can provide to those suffering in end-of-life situations is to help them kill themselves? Is that really all we can offer?"

Kylee Black: Euthanasia Threatens the Disabled



In a video released by Defend New Zealand, 32 year old Kylee Black who has an incurable and degenerative medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, speaks out powerfully against the legalisation of euthanasia.

"With euthanasia, it is so final. No second chance, no coming back, and many people who are given six months or less to live are still here two, five or even ten years later. And for those who choose euthanasia in that situation… that’s it! You miss out on all that is to come. The families also have a process to grieve as well, and to question, ‘could the doctors maybe have got it wrong?"

Canadian euthanasia numbers soar

According to data announced by pro-euthanasia doyen Dr Jocelyn Downie in an address to the Royal society of Canada on 15 March 2019 there has been a total of 7,949 people reported as killed by euthanasia in Canada since the law was changed to allow doctors to take the lives of their patients.


Tetraplegic model Claire Freeman speaks out against euthanasia

Tetraplegic model Claire Freeman planned to end her life at a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland - but instead she is now speaking out against euthanasia in a new documentary.

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