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The death of compassionate society, Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly, writing in the Australian in October 2016, observed that "The argument against euthanasia has endured for many years: it leads, on balance, to a less compassionate society that creates a new series of moral and practical hazards for itself. It is a disproportionate response to the real problem of patient pain that needs more care and money. It is because a society that legalises killing has to change fundamentally in terms of the ethics of its doctors, its medical ethos, its family relationships and its principles of human life."
This profound observation by Mr Kelly should be attended to carefully by Senators as they debate and vote on the Leyonhjelm Assisted Suicide Bill next week.

A threshold moment for Australia, Paul Keating

Paul Keating, former Prime Minister, has warned that any law permitting assisted suicide would undermine the "civilisational ethic that should be at the heart of our secular society". He observes that once such a law is passed "the expectations of patients and families will change. The culture of dying, despite certain and intense resistance, will gradually permeate into our medical, health, social and institutional arrangements. It stands for everything a truly civil society should stand against. A change of this kind will affect our entire community not just a small number of dying patients."

Leyonhjelm's Fatal Assisted Suicide Bill

When the Senate resumes it will devote three days from 14 to 16 August to debating and voting on an assisted suicide bill introduced by libertarian Senator David Leyonhjelm.

"A must see documentary", Fatal Flaws Movie Review

FATAL FLAWS: a must see doco on assisted suicide and euthanasia

By Richard Egan

Fatal Flaws is a newly released documentary by Kevin Dunn on euthanasia and assisted suicide laws.

As its title suggests, the movie documents real flaws in these laws that pose fatal risks to the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill and, indeed, all of us.

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