Opposing assisted suicide in Queensland

Submissions to the Queensland parliamentary inquiry into “voluntary assisted dying” (that is assisted suicide and euthanasia) closed on 15 April 2019. The inquiry is due to report on 31 March 2020.

You can read the Australian Care Alliance submission here.

Australian Care Alliance Chair, Chris Campbell and Research Officer Richard Egan gave evidence to the inquiry, which can be read here on pages 21-25. You may note the committee's chair resisting any suggestion that assisted suicide is suicide and that the logical analogy with capital punishment requires the same questions be asked: Can we be sure there will be no wrongful deaths? Can we guarantee a rapid, peaceful, humane death every time?

You are encouraged to start writing to your MP.

The Issues Paper published by the inquiry suggests that a very broad approach to assisted suicide and euthanasia is being considered. It says that “the features of a potential VAD [that is assisted suicide and euthanasia] scheme for Queensland could include [a requirement that] a person must want to end their life for a reason they consider to be valid.

However, regardless of the eligibility requirements for schemes permitting assisted suicide or euthanasia the evidence shows that none of the seventeen schemes so far tried or designed can prevent wrongful deaths .

Take a moment to read about one of the fatally flawed experiments  and one of the categories of wrongful death and then, in your own words, write a short email to your MP and state why assisted suicide and euthanasia has never and can never be made safe.

If you have a personal experience to add, such as a family member or friend being given a wrong diagnosis or outliving a prognosis, then that can be helpful too.

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