Opposing Assisted Suicide in SA

A Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choices has been established by the Parliament of South Australia

The new Committee is tasked with inquiring into and reporting on:

(a) The practices currently being utilised within the medical community to assist a person to exercise their preferences for the way they manage their end of life when experiencing chronic and/or terminal illnesses, including the role of palliative care; 
(b) The current legal framework, relevant reports and materials in other Australian states and territories and overseas jurisdictions, including the Victorian and Western Australian Parliamentary Inquiries into end-of-life choices, Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Act (2017) and implementation of the associated reforms; 
(c) What legislative changes may be required, including an examination of any federal laws that may impact such legislation; and 
(d) Any other related matter. 

Regardless of the eligibility requirements for schemes permitting assisted suicide or euthanasia the evidence shows that none of the sixteen schemes so far tried or designed can prevent wrongful deaths .

Take a moment to read about one of the fatally flawed experiments  and one of the categories of wrongful death and then write a short email to the inquiry stating in your own words why assisted suicide and euthanasia has never and can never be made safe.

If you have a personal experience to add, such as a family member or friend being given a wrong diagnosis or outliving a prognosis, then that can be helpful too.

The inquiry is currently taking submissions which may be sent by email to: jcendoflifechoices@parliament.sa.gov.au 

Submissions are due by 2 August 2019.

Make sure you include your full name and street address.



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