Contact MPs

Write a short letter or email to your six MLCs pointing out that no law permitting euthanasia or assisted suicide, including the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019, can be made safe.

Draw from the information on WA's Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019 here.

If possible include a personal story – for example if you or someone you know has ever been given a wrong diagnosis or prognosis what might have happened if euthanasia or assisted suicide was available. 

Hand written letters can be very effective with MPs as they demonstrate a willingness to take the time to write. Electorate office mailing addresses can be found here.

If you send emails then you can use the same content in each of your seven emails but please take the extra time to send separate personally addressed emails to each of your six MLCs.

Check your enrolment with the Western Australian Electoral Commission if you are unsure which Region (for your six MLCs) you live in.

Please forward any substantial replies to: Australian Care Alliance  



Members of the Legislative Council (Email)

Australian Care Alliance