Opposing Assisted Suicide in WA

In a media release dated 12 November 2018 the McGowan Labor Government has formally announced its intention to “introduce a Bill into State Parliament to legalise voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia.”

The Bill will be drafted in consultation with a Ministerial Expert Panel which is tasked with providing “advice to government on a safe and compassionate framework for voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia”.

The Panel has released a Discussion Paper and called for submissions by 24 May 2019 on questions raised. However, the Panel will NOT consider "opinions or comment either for or against voluntary assisted dying."

The Discussion Paper tends to suggest that the legislation likely to be presented to the Parliament will be more expansive than Victoria - which is already a very flawed model. It could allow access for anyone whose natural cause of death is reasonably predictable even if it may be years or even decades in the future. Euthanasia may be offered as an alternative to assisted suicide to all participants. Provision may be made to proceed with euthanasia for those who lose capacity part way through the process.

The Australian Care Alliance has made a submission to the Panel pointing out that no assisted suicide or euthanasia regime so far tried avoids the likelihood of wrongful deaths.   

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