Removing "safeguards" for assisted suicide begins in the USA

On 24 July 2019 within hours of Oregon Governor Kate Brown signing Senate Bill 579 into law - the first amendment to a law authorising assisted suicide in the USA - the pro-assisted suicide corporation Compassion & Choices openly declared its plan to start rolling back restrictions and procedural safeguards in assisted suicide laws so that more people will die by assisted suicide.

The amendment allows the previously mandatory waiting period of 15 days to be dispensed with if a single doctor, who may never have met the person before but is approached as a known provider of assisted suicide, states that the person “will, within reasonable medical judgment, die within 15 days”.

This gives no time to explore other responses to a request for assisted suicide before a person is dead by prescribed lethal poison.


Legislators considering passing assisted suicide laws are now on notice that all apparent safeguards in proposed bills are seen by proponents as so many "regulatory roadblocks" to be removed one by one as soon as possible in order to achieve their real goal of assisted suicide on request (or without request for those considered better off dead).

Read more about about Oregon's fatally flawed experiment with assisted suicide here

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